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REV. MAHA CONYERS, MA ED, Psych. has had a Healing Ministry since 1986 and is offering a wide variety of Body, Mind and Spirit Healing modalities. It was, however, after her beloved husband died of ALS that she felt called to marry couples on the beautiful island of Maui which had been her home since 1989. Having matured herself through her own experience of Unconditional Love in a fulfilled marriage, it became her heart's desire to be with couples at one of the most important days of their lives and to be a channel for the blessings that come through for two people committed to serve each other in Love. Her own Hawaiian-style ceremony inspired her to help create this experience for other couples. She combines European cultural flair with an Aloha spirit ripened through living in the Hawaiian islands since 1989.


HER TRAINING BEGAN Her training began as a language teacher for English and French and later as a scientific linguistic researcher at the University of Frankfort, Germany in the 70's, where she was also involved in the field of the Human Potential Movement before she traveled to study Tai Chi, Yoga, diverse Healing Art modalities and meditation with Masters of different spiritual schools worldwide.

* From Tibetan Buddhist Teachings she learnt to love chanting and how to create healing through the voice.

* As a spiritual counselor she has integrated aspects of NLP, Guided Awakened Imagination, Deep Relaxation, Dehypnotherapy in her work.

* Since '86 Trauma release (Tibetan Pulsing), Reiki and Mahikari have been an integral part of her Healing ministry.

* From 94 on studies in Anthroposophy revealed to her how Biography work, Destiny Learning and Family Constellation helps us to be in peace and in harmony with ourselves, our families and ancestors.

* In Hawaii Maha studied Lomilomi (massage), learnt about healing herbs, prayer, Ho' oponopono (forgiveness processes within the family system), chants and the wisdom of the Huna philosophy.


HAVING LIVED IN CULTURES of diverse spiritual backgrounds for many years, Rev. Maha Conyers has gained a loving   appreciation and understanding for the different philosophies, needs and ritualistic expression cherished by the people of the world.

CURRENTLY SHE TEACHES Healing Arts in Europe during the summer months while offering Hawaiian style wedding ceremonies in English, French and German, also as an interpreter, on Maui during the rest of the year.


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